First, read this.

Okay, so at first I loved the humor of Emptygoddess' post and her(or his???) responses to other people's comments. It seems like a joking, "Lets see if I can get some cash" post, and it most likely is. But, then I thought, what if this was an honest attempt to get some much needed cash? Crazy thought. And then, I actually thought of making a fundrasier for her. I don't know why I was thinking of doing this, but it all just came to me.

I would use all of the 1500 dollars that I have to start a fundraiser for Emptygoddess. I'm not sure how much it would cost to spread this around the nation, maybe if I'm lucky only about a 500 bucks.

So that leaves me with 1000, than I would need a famous person(not too famous, they ask for too much money. Maybe you, Tom???) to wear a shirt that says "Emptygoddess is more important than AIDs in Africa"

And that would leave me with nothing. But hopefully it would raise enough money for Emptygoddess to be happy for once in her life.

After all of this thinking, I realizied that I had just wasted a good amount of time trying to get more money for someone who probably can live without that $5000.

So yeah, I'm sorry that your life isn't going that well Emptygoddess, but I am not going to give you any money. I have things of my own that I would like to purchase(CAR!!!).

Any comments? Any other ideas on how to raise money with only 1500?

-Matt Carlock


2007-12-13 22:53:39 by mocmanproductions

Okay, so my computer (the one with flash) has been down for over a month now, and I have all these ideas, and I can't even animate them! I should be getting it fixed by next week, assuming that I don't get sucked into any plans. Expect another animation by the new year! I'm going to try to make my first actual stick fight with punches. I haven't done it in flash yet, but I did make a flip book with a few. I liked it, and it seemes pretty easy, so... yeah.

Halloween Animation

2007-09-13 16:56:19 by mocmanproductions

EDIT: HAHA. I did like 7 seconds, and it already sucks! So im probably just going to go back to stick figures where there is no story line. (If you haven't figured it out yet im not doing this ghost thing anymore). I might try again next year or so. I'm sorry if anyone was actually super pumped to see this...

I'm currently starting a halloween animation. I'm going to enter it in the Halloween Contest, altough it probably won't get a good enough rating. This time I will be using ghosts, the first time I've used anything except stick figures. Also I will have voices, another first. I just started, so give me some time, but it should be done in 1-2 weeks. THANKS!

Halloween Animation


2007-09-03 21:01:28 by mocmanproductions

So... It seems that I'm doing pretty good on Newgrounds, out of five things put on here, only one has been blammed. So yeah... *sarcastic* YEAH!!!!

Enjoy my games and my one movie.