Halloween Animation

2007-09-13 16:56:19 by mocmanproductions

EDIT: HAHA. I did like 7 seconds, and it already sucks! So im probably just going to go back to stick figures where there is no story line. (If you haven't figured it out yet im not doing this ghost thing anymore). I might try again next year or so. I'm sorry if anyone was actually super pumped to see this...

I'm currently starting a halloween animation. I'm going to enter it in the Halloween Contest, altough it probably won't get a good enough rating. This time I will be using ghosts, the first time I've used anything except stick figures. Also I will have voices, another first. I just started, so give me some time, but it should be done in 1-2 weeks. THANKS!

Halloween Animation


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2007-09-13 17:13:33

cool man! i can't wait!

mocmanproductions responds:

Thats awesome that your actually exicted to see it.


2007-09-13 17:17:55

Ghosts are even better than stick fingers because you don't have to animate legs.

mocmanproductions responds:

Yes, that is alot better. But I'm basicly replacing legs with mouth movements. Which is going to be a pain...


2007-09-13 19:14:07

Wow, TomFulp posted on your entry :o

He is right though.


2007-09-13 20:17:55


You don't know how lucky you are =O


2007-09-13 22:17:47

Want some music?
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/96105
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/86213

mocmanproductions responds:

Those are some pretty good songs, thanks. I'm not sure if I will use them, because I have just started...


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